Saturday, May 17, 2008

The lies of Mercy Tegio

Well what can i say about what happened few weeks ago? it depends on how you look at it and how you interpret things. But for me i saw it as alearning experience in dealing with such people. It's a test of love, friendship, and trust, and it all failed.Kept my self silent as i can so i wouldnt hurt anyone. Because i love both of you. But did obeserve everything from the very first day that stan and i havent talked. But throught the course of all exchanging emails, tex messages with you *** and ***. I found my self lost, was not given justice and so helpless by the 2 peopl i thought, was a friend. I was stabbed front and back and i just let my self being stabbed. Trusting things will end happy in the end. But the things that i tried to avoid to happen just happened. The very beginning of Stan and mine's problem just came from a very simple thing. Stan thinks i lied to him, and tried to fool him. I didnt say anything, But waiting for him to tell me all his questions, will just let his anger to subside then we can talk and very confident that stan will will understand me, and the real situation at home.Then you *** came like you were a hero, so concern about me.. the truth i really appreciate it at first, and trusting that you will be able to clear things out with stan, and fix things whatever it is that's coming to his mind. On your first text asking me how am i doing, i told you to give me time to condole my frieving soul, and ask you not to talk to stan so that things will not get worst. But to my surprise you were already exchanging emails, my emails my text messages, and my chatlogs. ( is it fair?) Then i was just answering throwned questions from stan from you. I started to observe at the same time try to defend my self from all the spears u keep onm throwing me. We were already exchanging text messages on that ***. Unmaliciously telling you what i feel bout what stan told me and texting me. Never thought you will use it against me. Do you remember this text ***?

(the unreliable text message. the girl's phone was already flooded with the shameless liar's text messages that she responded only to what the girl thought best understood what this lying lady said.)

***: asan ka? ( where are you?)
mercy : andito sa bahay bakit? (im here at home, why?)
***: tumawag ka daw stan gamit ang phone ni joseph?
(stan said,u called him using joseph's phone?)
mercy : ha? anong kinalaman ni joseph dito?
( what? what has joseph has to do with this?)
***: mercy, nag text ka sakin kagabi, sabi mo pupunta ka kay joseph.
(mercy, you texted me last night, telling me that you are going t
to joseph?)
mercy : ano? at naniwala ka naman? sa tingin mo sa ganung oras ng gabi
papayagan ako sa bahay? ska dapat nga pupunta akok sosoli ko
yung pera nya at phone, pero sabi nya sa email wag na. ano ba?
( what? and you believe that? do you think people here at home
will let me go to manila at that very late time? i was supposed
to go to joseph, but stan said in his email i dont need to, so
i just stayed home.)

on this text conversation ***, this is not a way of inquiry to a friend but confirming what stan had told you regarding joseph. it was like telling me that you dont believe what i am telling you but rather confirming what stan had told you. I didnt say anything but definitely i got hurt. This is not a way of a friend inquiring of something, but you already had a suspicion on your mind if i really did go to joseph that night.

I am not a slut ***,i dont go out for a night of cheap sex and no one is calling me on my phone and your phone aside from stan, and you know that. I felt like you look down on me so much, and see me as a stupid lowgrade woman. who will just go for it for money. If i am should not be staying at your place ***,you could see me staying in a nice place because i have a lot of money, and i will not cry in desperation to get my salary because i am needing it so badly, because of my problem at home. Don't you remember ***, i was so upset when TP did not approved my maternity benefits? i was thinking of my kids and my problem at home. You saw all the emails on my cupid bay account ***, but never entertain such, i even gave you some of the guys there who is interested in me. Because i know they are just looking for fun, and i am looking seriously. This time, i felt something is about to happen. Do you think that i will still be confident of telling you what really happened at home specially if it involves my family, if i have this feeling from you? i am afraid you will also look down on my family the same on how you look at me, and i hate that. But still i believe in the friendship that we have.

(this liar thinks that by acting like she's the victim, she can convince people. the girl never asked for any of "her guys" she willingly gave it to the girl while in training urging her that these are men that the girl needs.)

And the friendship ***? it was never built on lies, and you know that. I tried my best to be the best friend that i can be for you. Thinking on how can i help you. Because you dont have a family to go to, no relatives, no friends, and you should be thankful for lalaine. Your boardmates, treats you like they wanted to spit you out of the boarding house. You have disputes with your supervisor, and cant stay long in the work that you have, and even have some disputes with your colleague. with people who have little understanding ***, this is a big question about your personality. but did you hear anything from me? did i ask you what's wrong? coz i dont want to offend you. You have lots of insecurities in your life, and i am a friend tried to do my best on how can i lessen those insecurities you have.

(this lying woman thinks that she knows a lot about the girl. even citing the difficulties she once encountered blowing it out of proportion to make the girl's character questionable. the supervisor and the girl never spoke because of what Mercedita Tegio said to the supervisor one time she went to TP, allegedly asking about the girl's whereabouts because she was being "stalked.")

I loved you and i loved your kids *** like they were mine, i dont believe you dont noticed that. another instance ***, that made me afraid of you.But believing this wont happen to us because we understand each other. Do you remember the last time that lalaine asked our help to do her assignment? you keep on copy and pasting her gramatical errors, and correct it? and i asked you what is it all about? and u said that it's a correction. for me it's not a big deal, you dont have to correct it. We all make mistakes and Unethical to correct your friend to another friend.

(the girl lalaine asked for an opinion, that's why she was asked, this moron failed to comprehend the situation.)

But i should not be worried about that, coz i told my self were different.You told me all your stories, did i ask you was it all true? did i ask yoiu about your honesty? i do have questions on my mind but will never do offend you on asking you questions. Because it's your personal life. i should not be asking my friend questions like that. When you texted me again asking me why did i get you involved with me and stan's problem, i explained it to you, thought you understand it. but i was wrong, and i didnt get you involved ***, it was stan who has different interpretation on that. You can ask him if say anything bad against you? But you? you were like interrogating me like stan is paying you to spy on me and report to stan whatever you found out against me, like i am a person who committed a crime? Playing to be stan's advocate? What did you found out ***? Not only once did i asked you not to talk to stan, because it's not helping us, and not only once did i tell you that i will talk to you and stan once everything subside.

(this moron forgot to realize that she already implicated the girl, thus the poor man, tried to seek answers. she probably forgot that she gave him the girl's home phone number, email addresses and mobile number.)

Because we are not understanding each other anymore. I felt like everything has not gotten into place, and when you told me that in your text message that you already KNOW ME? THAT YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, AND YOU SAY WHAT YOU MEAN? you play like a God, who knows everything? You didnt know how my heart bleeds that time, how my friend is saying this to me? The 222 i thought who will be with me, in this simple trial? and you keep on saying no one is totally oblivious of what is happening? i dont get what you mean 222? cause you dont know the truth, and same with me. I am not that stupid not to know what is going on. You even texted me 'WHY DONT YOU TELL STAN YOUR TRUE INTENTION.?" I almost fainted when you told me this? i cant imagine i am talking to you? and how can i friend can exactly tell me this? Well.. i am telling you 222 the intention of me helping, loving and just being happy with what i am feeling with stan is the only thing i knew. After what i've been through with my life, after 3 years of pain, and heartaches running after my husband.

(again, this lying dying from cancer lady failed to comprehend the words;'WHY DONT YOU TELL STAN YOUR TRUE INTENTION.?" and how could she? she already knows that she's playing dirty and she's like a cat, cornered, hissing, trying to get out of the mess she's in. she didn't even realized that "by telling her "true intentions" would mean a lot to the guy when she told the girl that Mercy did it to help her family.)

I dont know 222 what made you blind, how did you forget that i did asked your help. Because nelson left me with nothing but bruises, pain, thinking about how i can take away my kids from them, and keep them from me. what made you so blind not to know, that i needed the money for my kids tuition fee because nelson told me that he will not give me antyhing, because he wanted me to go back to our house in IMUS.during the time we were texting. What made you blind not to see that i was not even able to to go work because i dont have money, nelson left me with $75? what made you so blind not to even think the time that i have to send my son to the hospital becuase of suspected apendecitis, and because i am not capable to give him medecine maintenance because i have jsut started working again, and im still recuperating from my misscariage and excessive bleeding.

(this moron forgot that the girl gave her Php2000 for the supposedly son in hospital.)

I need to send them to my in-laws... and how will i get them 222? i cant tell you everything.. because i can see that you are also having your own problem.It's too personal to discuss everything with you.How can you forget that i did asked you the favor if i can stay with you for while because i wanted to forget what happened to me, what nelson did to me and the hatred that is still inside of me?

(apparently, it was Mercy who'd imply that it's always the poor guy's fault.)

All i just wanted is to work, and live my life again.. for my kids and for my self. I did beg both of you, that i will talk and will explain to you everything once i am ready. Because at home, I am also having a fight with my Father and my brother, who made the house as a colateral to the bank, and i didnt know about it.. Do you remember 222? i was so damn upset when they didnt approved my maternity benefits... that time, i am not yet sure if i have to tell it to you. This is a matter of family matter. i couldnt handle the pressure anymore 222, I asked nelson's help. But you read all his tex messages to you. You wouldnt see me crying like that 222, if i dont have a heavy burden in my heart. but i cant tell you yet.. i am not ready, it was very demeaning for me 222 asking your help, i feel humiliated asking if i can stay with you. Because for me, my pride is the only thing that is left and i cant trade that to anything else in this world. But i dont have any choice, I am being too pressured at home, I ama thinking where can we go if the bank will get our house? i will then have no choice but to go back to IMUS. So when stan offered assistance... i dont have any choice.... but to accept it. and the phone 222? you know that it was an unmalicious conversation and our joke but you took that also against me. I was pleading both of you.. that i will talk to you pesonally once i am ready and i am very sure that you will understand, same with stan, even told you not to talk to him anymore so he wont misinterpret everything. But none of you listen..instead you were both throwing me your spears like i was a person who doesnt have a feelings. Both of you measured me as the lowest of all... But i didnt say anything.. I cant blame no one because it was my fault.

You said that stan is talking to you because stan thinks you are balance?

(the guy spoke to the girl because he was thinking that somehow the girl knows about the swindler on a personal level and could bring balance to the situation, again failed to comprehend.)

Where is the balance 222? did you let me speak for my self? The way you texted me it was very obvious who is your boss. Dont give me your damn reasoning that you and stan is not talking because i also noticed that after you and stan chats, stan would text me. Mean.... so mean that only people who dont have a mind cant understand. I admit 222, i did asked you the favor to talk to stan, not expecting him to send me but really hoping he would because i needid it badly. You were not asking me that time where am i going to spend the money? But now you are telling me where did i spent the P36,000? do u really believe i am that splurge, not to know where to spend it? do i really have to discuss with you? do you really think that i just needed it for shopping? am i out of my mind? no friend would ever ask you a question like this, like you were asking your child where did he spent his money.

(again, an inquiry blown out of proportion.)

You know what 222? when armel and her boyfriend Jedi was having a problem, because jedi found out that armel has a french boyfriend. due to my pic slide in friendster. Armel accused me of having an affair with jedi. i tried to explain my side, but as expected armel did not accept my explanation. Then jedi keep on calling me, texting me and sending me email asking what is the truth about armel?

(sounds familiar Mercy?)

he said a lot of words, very mean accusing armel of cheating on him, and armel was just after his money.

Maybe he feels that since i am armel's bestfriend, i know a lot of things aobut armel.

On my part 222, i could use that as a revenge for armel, i can ruin her reputation to jedi, and lose jedi's trust to armel. You know what i did? i sent jedi my first and last email, telling him that i am not in the position to speak for armel, and a i am also not in the position to speak for him to armel. what they are and what they are going through is just a part of their relationship, and whatever action armel is taking she definitely has a reason behin it, and that he should speak to armel personally to sort out things with her. I called that respect 222,i called that friendship, i called that mature decision, educated and ethical. yes, i am armel's friend but i did not go off the limits of our friendship, because i am considering what armel would feel if she found out that me and her bf is talking behind her back. I did not ask armel questions, because what ever her reasons are, she is accountable for that. Cause i dont have any dark intention of ruining their relationship, and that can ruin armel's life. Now i am glad to hear that they are still together. Did anyone of you tried to ask me how am i feeling? after knowing you were exchanging emails, forwarding my emails, and text messages? and the incolmplete chatlogs? and why did you sent stan an incomplete chatlogs? I have the copy of the complete chatlog.

(incomplete chatlog because "as per conversation" those are what's asked.)

You were saying you and stan is not talking and yet you told me that, stan is requesting for the chat log? which is which 222? I am not stupid 222, i tried to hide my real feelings, i tired to make my self calm to the last strand of my understanding because of our friendship, i did even chose you than stan. When you told me that you washed your hands, and tell stan the truth like you are saving your self from a person who committed a crime? is that what you think of me? is that how see my whole being? I am not stupid 222, whatever you and stan's conspiracy against me will end meaningless.

(conspiracy my ass!)

your last blow of you both saying i am a painted artist, that i am full of drama? and i am using my sickness to get your mercy and attention? who is proud of it 222? do you think i am proud of that? do you think if the company will know that i am a cancer survivor and still taking the last treatment, do you think they will accept me? As i said why dont you wish me im dead, cause i once tried to end my life.. because of all the heavy burdens in me, and taking it all ALONE. what do you know about me 222? i havent told you yet anything about me. What i told you is just a piece of the burden you are seeing in me.I am trying to fight for my life 222, for my kids and for my self. i am trying to live a decent life for my kids untill i will be able to get back just like you.

you have a copy of stan's last email right? like he was sending a copy to his cronie how do u feel about that? Stan saying all those words to me? are you happy?do you think i was just taking it all that easy? God... 222.. you dont know how many nights did i cried for you and stan. How i tried to hang on to our friendship.. that i am willing to give up stan but not our friendship.. If you are in my situation 222 and chris would send you email like that? what will you feel? and you found that me and chris are exchanging emails? sometimes i was thinking what if talk to chris, and tell chris what happened, and i will tell him my reasons. Chris would definitely understandf me 222, because i dont have any bad intentions.. it was all about suspicions of you and stan. I saw him twice online on hotmail... but never attempted to talk to him, you know why? because i dont want to invade both your privacy, and i will never do the things that you and stan did to me.

(this poor lying lady never thought that by her erratic moods on the man she swindled drove him to get more mad at her.)

You and stan trod me like a tramp, like i was a dirty garbage. I decided not tell you anything anymore untill i die, you will never know my real reason. i will let you think the dirtiest thing against me. I dont owe you an explanation, if there is one person that i am responsible to clear things out.That is Stan.. But he already have his own judgment on me, and condemnation, conclusions.. when all i am just asking is time and privacy, time to atleast breath from my family's situation and what you and stan is throwing me. You said that stan and you have an OPEN DOOR POLICY, AND ME HIS GF BEGGING HIM TO TALK TO ME? pitty me.. i was the gf but i wasnt given the chance to speak for my self. NOT GIVEN JUSTICE TO ATLEAST EXPLAIN MY SIDE. do you know how painfull is that? were 2 people in love 222 and you dont see it, money is out of the question, IT SHOULD BE FOR STAN AND ME TO DISCUSS. not for you interoggating like stan paid you to do it? I could have died 222... you dont know how i got hurt.. deeply durt.

I dont know what made you blind 222, but i still wanted to leave the memories of 22 i met the first i went to TP. i made this to end up everything with you and stan. I dont know what you 2 have.. i dont want to know abou it anymore. I tried not to do this 222, and tried everything not to talk anymore. But you hit me in my heart when you commented on my friendster.

If you are happy about telling me i am a "SWINDLER" go ahead 2222, make your self happy.

(Okay, you're not just a swindler but a lying thief too. you ate food under the girl's name and didn't even pay for it. You're too proud about your $100 when in fact, your debt was more than it could pay the food bill you left.)

In everything that you did to me, i never said anything bad against you, in respect to our memories in manila. But even to that you dont know how to respect it. I hope this will end everything with us, i wanted to move on with my life, same with you and stan. It's a shame that stan is already moving on.. but we are still clashing. I wont delete my blog just because of the 2 of you. you can say whatever you want to say.. stan can give me his hardest blow. But in the end i know and i believe i will still stand, head up high.

(so where's the blog now?)

My heart will always stay as your friend 2222, but that is the only thing that i can do atleast.

(really? then what's this? )

I will try to forget you and the kids.. i love them.. and even if you dont tell them, they know it. i believe thier hearts are innocent it should not be planted of bad things that is happening. And i beg you not to ruin my children's future by not returning my diploma and transcript of records. i dont have any reasons not accept nelson's family's invitation. I dont like it, i dont love him anymore. But i will do this for the kids. I am just thinking that everything was just a test, and we all failed to pass the test. George is right, it's not right to hold any grudges. It wont help me as a person, and my health. dont ever think that i dont know how to appreciate 2222. I am trying to give you back my appreciation with all the help you lend me, but you thought of it as a planted one. that even added to the damage, and you forgot that I AM A CHRISTIAN same as you, and even if you are seeing me as happy go lucky teenage school girl 2222. Never did i will trade in my christianity for anythig else.. you even questioned me my faith. that is very insulting to me, i hope i am not going to read anymore comments here from you. i even suspected stan to do that.. im sorry to him, i didnt know. You are right forgive and forget.. but send me back my diploma and TOR, it's my children's future.

(From: mercy reyes

To: M.C.

i don't need it, keep it, use it.
To: M.C.

please send it to my father's address *info deleted*.


"M.C." wrote:
sorry, i already discarded it, i ran it thru a paper shredder here at the office since i've moved to a new place, i don't have any use for it and
i already asked you so i can send it back to you but you refused.

----- Original Message ----
From: mercy reyes
To: M.C.
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2008 1:21:53
Subject: Re: discarded

see how you acted 222? it's a school credential.. you know how important it is. tsk tsk tsk... besides its not yours.)

i am sorry if you got hurt, if stan got hurt, i was also hurt.. but it was 2 of you against me. havent you thought of that? the pain is doubled.